Happy Employees Can Increase Profits and Value

In business circles, customers are often of the highest priority to business owners or managers. Perhaps, their focus should instead lie on their employees since happy employees mean happy customers. On the other hand, their unhappiness can easily hurt the company and mean a loss of business.

One of the keys in maintaining happy employees is treating them well and appreciating their contributions. Some owners mistakenly expect their employees to have the same dedication to the business as they do, but that is rarely the truth. Employees have a life outside of the business and they don’t get to enjoy the same benefits of business ownership as an owner does. It is desirable for the owner to realise this and set their expectations right.

A Thai foundation requires a board of at least three people who will work for the foundation on a voluntary basis (these people may be Thais or foreigners or both). The Board must include people serving in the following positions: Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. Board members must provide personal finance details and proof of identity.

Happy and positive owners tend to have happy employees. Sometimes, however, even leading by example is not enough and some employees may remain negative. In that case, it is perfectly normal to replace these employees with new ones.

All in all, appreciating and rewarding your employees can take you long way in establishing a profitable and flourishing business. Moreover, if you decide to sell your business in the future, your potential buyer will only be pleased when greeted by happy and motivated employees.