Why Knowing Your Customers Is Important

Customers eating in a nice restaurant always appreciate being greeted by the owner and asked how everything was after they finished their meal. This gesture that costs the business nothing pays big dividends in making customers happy, and more importantly, make them want to come back. Quite contrary to the above example, today’s customer service is sometimes handled more like a burden rather than something desirable.

It is usually small businesses that are built around personal customer service, but bigger companies shouldn’t use this as an excuse for not having good personal relationships with their customers. If you are a business owner in such company, you may consider having lunch with one of your clients, “work on the floor,” or even handling the telephone from time to time. A personal touch like this goes a long way in customer relations and service as both customers and clients like to do business with the owner.

The same can be applied to suppliers, vendors and other parties connected to your business. Calling on one of your suppliers or service providers and thanking them for the work they do for you leads to improved business relationships. Moreover, it also helps you with building relationship reserves that prevent your account from being overdrawn when running into a problem in the future. This is especially true in today’s age when most communication is done online.

Owning and operating your own business is not a “backroom” or “hide behind the business plan” business. It is a “front-room” business. Go out and meet the customers – and anyone else who has an interest in your business.